About Gus Gallows

Gus Gallows is a Fantasy/Science Fiction author. He has written three novels to date, but has several embers in the fire for various other projects. In addition to his passion for writing, he is also an engineer working at Microsoft under his mundane name. He is also a veteran of the US Air Force where he served 9 years in the Communications and Computer Systems Operations field. Most importantly to him, he is a father of three and a husband to one, and for him that is the real fantasy come true.

His interest range through most things geek, such as board game nights with the friends and family, online gaming with his online buddies at Wasted Prodigy Gamers, singing Karaoke with whoever will go with him, even if its just his invisible muse, and recently, Racquetball and Tennis. He also loves to brew mead and beer, and grow spicy things in his garden.

You can also catch his interview on blogtalkradio.com at the following URL (turn up the volume. The audio starts when the page loads):