Review: The Son of Man by C.W. Johnson

Originally posted 8/6/2012

Ok, this is my first review of an Indie author, so forgive me if it seems a bit disjoined. I am new to reading Indie titles, but as an Indie author myself, I feel I should be supporting those folks who have the same hopes and dreams that I do.

First, a little about C. W. Johnson. I was browsing around Amazon looking for something new to read when I came across an interesting title. The Son Of Man. It immediately caught my eye. So I opened up the reviews and read a little more. It winds up, C. W. was a travelling musician and found inspiration for his book in an old town in Germany (the oldest standing) called Rothenberg. Having just come back from a visit to Germany, including Rothenberg, my interest was piqued. He had visited the Cathedral of the Holy Blood Altar which is reputed to have a vial containing three drops of the blood of Jesus. I thought to myself while reading his bio, I would have had the same thoughts that he did upon learning that there was preserved blood of Jesus out there. “What if someone used it to clone him?” Well, he took off with that thought and a series of exciting novels followed. I also found it interesting that the writing of his first sounded a lot like mine. False starts, rewrites, and years of editing. I could completely relate with this guy.

Now, on to the book, The Son of Man. Available on

As many first time Indie books seems to do, my own included, the story started slow. However, it was not long before it had ramped up into a real page turner. Before I knew it, I had torn through all 470 pages and found myself yearning for the next book.

In the story, the blood of Jesus is tested against tissue from the Shroud of Turin and it is found to be a match confirming they both contained the DNA of Jesus. With that discovery, it did not take long for man to decide to clone him, they just needed a virgin to carry the embryo. Maria, an exceptionally beautiful, yet asexual woman chooses Todd to help her raise the experiment. Todd is infatuated with Maria and because of her sexuality, or lack thereof, is quite frustrated. But he loves her more than life and is willing to live a celebate life if it means he gets to live it with her. Now, spoiler alert for all of you out there shaking your heads, they do eventually consummate their marriage and from the sound of it, it was worth the wait. But I digress.

The story continues as they find themselves at odds with the sponsors of the project and ultimately, on the run. They are pursued by a religious sect called the Vinces who would have the cloned Jesus raised the way they want him to be raised even if it means kidnapping the mother until the child can be raised without her. The world, especially North America, is suddenly under the threat of an enormous asteroid heading toward it and this thrusts everything into Chaos.

I don’t want to go to deep into the story because I don’t feel I will do it justice and I would rather you read it and enjoyed the suspense as I did. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of plot twists, many other well developed characters and an all around excellent story.

I would like to take note, however, of something I noticed in the reviews. This book has a polarized audience. Many are calling it Christian fiction and are speaking out against its biblical accuracy and others about how mean God is, or whatnot. First, I want to say if you take an author’s fiction and then base your faith or lack of faith on it, then you really need to quit reading fiction. Or join the church of scientology where you can be among other like minded folks. If you think this book is meant to be another “Left Behind” series then I feel you are missing the point. I think this book was meant to be a fictional suspense thriller that simply takes a somewhat taboo topic or in this case two taboo topics, and turns it into a fun and thought provoking ride. I don’t feel C. W. was trying to rewrite the Revelations, but I do think the story will make you consider that this actually could be the way it goes.

As a Christian, I put my stock into the words of the bible. For my entertainment, however, I read fiction and this fictional piece kept me entertained. I gave it 5 stars on Amazon and I stand by it now. I look forward to what’s next from this excellent author.

I would also like to thank Denise Baer for her Indie Author Pay it forward program. You can read more about her and her program at

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